Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder i Trondheim, Norway
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Sean Kennedy - USA

"My artistic practice is heavily informed by my inherited cultural perspective, my experience in travel, and my education – the latter two of which are perpetually accruing."

Sean Kennedy fra USA

My artistic practice is heavily informed by my inherited cultural perspective, my experience in travel, and my education – the latter two of which are perpetually accruing.  Therefore, coming to Norway to work at the Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder has several layers of benefit.  In an increasingly globalized art world, the recontextualization of one’s self and one’s ideas magnifies awareness of international cultural concerns while challenging notions of identity as defined by place.  This sort of voluntary displacement necessarily dissolves narrow, provincial ideologies and stimulates artistic growth. 

Often the images in my work are derived from visual stimuli found in my most immediate surroundings, and though this is not to say that the work is based on site-specificity, it does imply some degree of relativity.  I plan to engage myself in a similar type of unpredictability in Norway, while perpetuating the constructive, material trajectory that my work has followed of late.  As I said before, my work thrives on foreign cultural experience, so I expect that two months spent in Trondheim would greatly enrich my practice and imbue it with a stronger sense of external aesthetic and conceptual concerns.  Although my practice still adheres to certain ideas regarding artistic autonomy, I believe that the individual only exists in relation to a group or community and it is, therefore, essential that cultural production takes place in conjunction with, or counter to, the collective ideas of that group, particularly if those ideas are derived from a broad range of cultural dispositions as is the case at LKV.  Similarly, works of art should not provide singular solutions, but rather they should take on the form of inquiries, opening up the range of interpretation and furthering the necessity for their discourse.  I have no interest in making work based on a formula or system while in Norway; rather, I’d like to develop my investigations of certain issues which have either recently come to surface in my work, or been notably present in my encounters with culture and its surrounding discourse (i.e., the semiotics of architecture, consumer mechanisms, domesticity, celebration, urban renewal, transient states, etc.).  In combination with these concepts, my investigations in Trondheim will depend partially upon my unplanned experience there, and will ultimately culminate in a public exhibition which will demonstrate the push and pull between objectivity and subjectivity that has recently been one of the core issues in my work. 



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Redaktør: Kristina C. Karlsen, daglig leder LKV i Trondheim. Tlf. (47) 73 51 35 15, mobil (47) 472 72 977, epost: