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[01.06.13 - 21.07.13] Paula Pereira - Brasil and Pernilla Andersson - Sverige

“Our work most often investigates the experience of culture shock and the impact of technology on relationships by using images that appear very graphic from a distance but are abstract and complex up close."

Paula and Pernilla

Name: t.w.five
t.w. – Paula Pereira
five – Pernilla Andersson

Nationality: Brazilian and Swedish

Homeland: USA

Town: San Francisco/San Jose, California

Age: are you guys really going there?! 

How long are you resident? June and July

Have you been in Trondheim before?
“Five”-Never, but my grandparents went to Trondheim for their honeymoon in…1920’s? I remember seeing some black and white pix of them from that happy time and how they were being surrounded by the mountains.
“t.w.” – many times. I was a guest artist at LKV in 1998 and a guest artist at KIT in 1999 + visit a few times after.

Do you wish to get in touch with somebody in Trondheim?
We have been checking the artists that have their studios at LKV, and we looking forward to get to know them, of course if they allow us. Our hopes are that they embrace “t.w.five” and that we can learn stuff from each other. We are totally open to anything from impropriate silly talk and laughter to deeper talk, you know about being an artist, the art making process or just “how is life treating you” conversations.
“Five”- I also personally looking forward meeting everyone in Trondheim, since I’m Scandinavian myself but lived in the US for the longest time, and being Scandinavian has influence my personal (and t.w.five) work tremendously.
“t.w.” – I am looking forward to see old friends again and meet the new artists from Torndheim.

Is it something you look forward to…?
We look so much forward to wake up in the mornings and have a hot chocolate and a cup of coffee before hitting the studio across from where we live. We want to be able to just concentrate/embrace the time to do our collaborative work full time…from morning to dusk. Just leave the studio in the early evening for dinner and then right back to the studio for some more fun! Yeah, we are really excited to be able to concentrate on being art maker’s in a consistent period of time, especially you know far away from the every day’s….

About you work

Between the two of us:
Painting/ drawing/ photography/screenprinting

Technique: what are our techniques, except for not cutting off our fingers??
For our collaborative work we mainly work with vinyl, all hand-cut vinyl and each one of us bring together our experiences in different media and fuse it together into something totally new for both of us.

As a pair, we explore our opposite cultures and turn our ideas and thoughts into massively-sized vinyl installations that are carefully hand-cut and then placed onto vinyl boards or directly onto windows, walls, ceilings and floors.
Our work most often investigates the experience of culture shock and the impact of technology on relationships by using images that appear very graphic from a distance but are abstract and complex up close.
By choosing recognizable subject matter such as transportation, gadgets and text, our goals are to be accessible to a broad audience and to open up communication between art viewers everywhere. We are not seeking to create confusion about what our viewers are seeing; instead, we want to connect with our viewers by making art that they can understand and talk about with others. We think that, by doing so, art will reach a range of unexpected minds and places.

Plans for your residency?
We want to really be able to be surrounded by creativity and the peacefulness that Trondheim will allow an artist to have. We are planning to work ourselves to pieces and build a beautiful and exciting show for Babel. We are going to “vinyl” the place up.

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