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Lucy H. G. – USA
"I feel fortunate to be a guest in Trondheim and to have this period of concentrated art", says Lucy H. G. An american mediaartist who visits Trondheim for the second time.

Lucy H. G. in Trondheim 2005. Photo: Lucy H. G.

Lucy H. G. writes: "I was an artist in residence at LKV in winter in 2005.  I applied to the program based on a call I found on the Internet, and on a whim, because I wanted to travel far for my art making - to go somewhere that felt distant.  At the time I wanted to be far away from my life in Los Angeles.

While here I worked on two projects that pushed my art away from stand-alone installation and into the realm of interactivity.  I had an art show at Gallery Blunk (, which was loosely based on the centennial of Norway's disunion from Sweden, and I worked collaboratively over the Internet with a composer on a piece that we later performed at the Grand Canyon (  Winter landscapes and imagery of the fjords are in both.

The perpetual twilight of winter was not menacing as I had expected, but strangely beautiful - a world clothed in white, and I was prepared with many layers of clothing so that I was often hot while ambling around the town.

I returned to LKV in summer of 2007 to complete my picture of the place and its culture, and to see again the many people I came to know during my last stay.  Perpetual twilight replaced with sunlight, I find the sun invigorating - the long sunsets resembling the subdued lighting of winter.

On this residency I am accompanied by filmmaker Matt Solomon, and we are collaborating on two projects with artists from Trondheim.  One is a short film in Norwegian, and the other an interactive installation entitled "The Childhood Machine."  Both - one dark and the other playful - describe the effects of time and waiting.  We likely conceived both because the passage of time here seems so skewed".


«Ladies and Gentlemen of the press and public, we present to you The Childhood Machine

Sted: Babel, Mellomveien 4, Trondheim
Periode: 17.08. - 26.08. 2007
Åpningstider: torsdag-fredag kl 14 - 18, lørdag-søndag kl.12 - 16
Fredag 17. AUG  KL. 19 – 21

Pressen inviteres med dette til å møte kunstneren og se utstillingen: torsdag 16. aug fra kl.12.00.

Ta kontakt: [THELEAGUE@IMAGINARYSCIENCE.ORG] eller 988 39 016


The League of Imaginary Scientists is a non-exclusive society for creative scientists, mechanically-inclined artists, absurdist inventors, and self-proclaimed quacks (think subterfuge meets centrifuge).  The League specializes in building mega-media constructions of scientific mythologies.  Media artist Lucy H. G. is a returning LKV artist-in-residence, having worked and exhibited in Trondheim in winter, 2005  Under the pseudonym Dr. L. Hernandez Gomez, she acts as coordinating researcher for the League, pulling from the collective creativity of local and remote artists to realize ambitious interactive installations.  Collaborators for The Childhood Machine include Matt Solomon from Los Angeles, artists Anne Helga Henning and Pål Bøyesen of Trondheim, with remote engineering by Jeremy Schwartz in Los Angeles and sound development by imaginationandmymother in London.

The Childhood Machine, presented at Babel Art Space, is an interactive kinetic device that incorporates newer-than-new age idea therapy to transport viewers to their past – a return to childhood.  The League’s engineering division developed The Childhood Machine in the hopes of reversing the psychological and ecological damage wrought by Western Civilization.  The machine is designed to reverse Progress in a complicated process of regression that requires precise mental and atmospheric conditions (78% childlike curiosity and 22% humidity).  Visitors to the exhibit, as children, will inevitable grow up again:  time, it is revealed, is a bi-cycle.

The exhibition includes the interactive childhood machine, a participatory fill-in-the-timeline of the collective childhood of the city of Trondheim, a documentary on the development of The Childhood Machine, artifacts from childhood, and an acoustic flight of fancy.  In addition, an online search engine will permit viewers to search time’s index for isolated moments in childhood.  The machine itself works in coordination with mental exercises developed by Ms. MU.
Dr. L. Hernandez Gomez will give a lecture on the regressive process of decivilization at the opening reception on Friday, August 17th.

This exhibition was made with the support of the Royal Norwegian General Consulate, the community of artists at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre (TEKS), Clas Ohlson, and the city of Trondheim, whose discarded bicycles proved constructive.

ARTIST AT WORK:  Dr. L. Hernandez Gomez reverseres til barndommen gjennom prosjektets utvikling

The Childhood Machine er et hjelpemiddel produsert for å helbrede menneskeheten gjennom å reversere den tilsynelatende uhelbredelige tilstanden kalt PROGRESJON.  Forskere som deltar er Dr. L. Hernandez Gomez og Dr. Jojo Johansen fra Los Angeles, med imagosterapeut MU (Anne Helga Henning) den tenkte mannen Pål Bøyesen fra Trondheim.///   /// The Childhood Machine is a contraption designed to heal humanity, by reversing the seemingly untreatable condition called PROGRESS.  Participating researchers include Dr. L. Hernandez Gomez and Dr. Jojo Johansen from Los Angeles, with imaginary therapist Ms. MU (Anne Helga Henning) and imaginary male Pål Bøyesen from Trondheim.

“Opplevelsen av enkelte tilstander i livet er problematisk uten at vi klarer konkretisere hvordan eller hvorfor. Opplevelsen minner om den stumme opplevelsen av det tomme, negative rommets forhold til det positive, synlige rommet rundt oss.”

- MUs diagnose av tilstanden kjent som den vestlige siviliasjon
“When you feel something is problematic but you don’t know the name of it yet – the space that is there that you don’t see.”
- Ms. MU diagnosing the ailment called Western Civilization
Denne interaktive mekaniserte media- installasjonen krever din skamløse lekne deltakelse.  The Childhood Machine avslører det kollektive sporet etter menneskeheten gjennom tidene, baklengs.  Bli med the League of Imaginary Scientists på et mekanisk tokt inn i fortiden, for å svare på disse spørsmålene...
:::::Hva hender når sykler inngår partnerskap?  
:::::::::Er regresjon nødvendigvis en dårlig ting?  
::::::::::::::Hvordan å komme seg videre, baklengs?
This interactive, mechanized media installation requires your unabashed gleeful participation.  The Childhood Machine reveals the collective trajectory of humanity through time, backwards.  Join the League of Imaginary Scientists on a mechanical foray into the past, to answer these questions...
:::::::::::::::::::::::::What happens when bicycles mate?
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Is regression necessarily a bad thing?
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::How to proceed, backwards?

The League of Imaginary Scientists er ledende på området “særlig myk vitenskap.”  Teamets aktiviteter strekker seg fra reiser i tide til undersøkelser av universets sorte hull.
The League of Imaginary Scientists leads in the area of especially soft science.  League activities range from time travel to spelunking black holes.  
Team spesialister involvert i The Childhood Machine...
[]::: Imagoterapeut MU spesialist i terapi basert på innbilningskraften, den nye praksisen for å løse problematiske situasjoner skapt av den vestlige sivilisasjonen.
[]::: The subhumanistiske gutten, Pål Bøyesener er en tenkt mann konstruert utifra det kollektive minnet av norske eventyr.
[]::: Inversert Biolog Dr. L. Hernandez Gomez eksaminerer den ytre tilstanden til indre organer. Connecting the Dots er hennes nylig publiserte manual til den menneskekroppen.
[]::: Professor J. Johansen er en ekspert i bagologi, et vitenskapelig felt gjennomhullet av akademiske interne uenigheter og spekuleringene til diverse interessenters fusjoneringer.  Han er oppfinneren av matpapiret som ikke krøller. Nå er han igang med å utvikle en prototype på den bunnløse handleposen.
League specialists involved in constructing The Childhood Machine...
[]::: Imaginary Therapist Ms. MU specializes in idea therapy, the new practice for solving problematic situations caused by Western Civilization.
[]::: The subhuman boy, Pål Bøyesen, is an imaginary male constructed from the collective memory of Norwegian fairytales.
[]::: Inverse Biologist Dr. L. Hernandez Gomez examines the external state of the internal organs. Connecting the Dots is her recently published manual to the human body.
[]::: Professor J. Johansen (inventor of the bottomless paper bag) is an expert in bagology, a scientific field fraught with academic infighting and corporate speculation

Hilsen Babel / Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder

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Trondheim, Aug 2007

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CREW needed  (No pay but credit/copy for reel)         
production assistant/lighting director/best boy/sound/makeup/set construction

Artist in residence at:
Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Mellomveien 5, 7042 Trondheim

WHAT? Short film (Thursday, 6:45 am) by LA filmmaking team, H.G. Solomon and Remote Control Monkey productions
WHEN? to be shot in Trondheim between Aug 15 and Aug 26 during weekend days or weekday evenings (schedule flexible)

Thursday, 6:45 am presents fragments of a domestic routine suspended in time and disrupted by nature – a life in atrophy. Mother, father, and son awake to the eventualities of yesterday:  when the sea is emptied of fish, a fisherman slowly recedes into houseplants, a woman cheerily constructs pancakes out of household objects, and their boy finds a landscape in his furniture.  The tensions fracturing this family don’t interfere with their morning ritual:  breakfast gets consumed on its own, a child’s chores veer on the supernatural, and banter between husband and wife is punctuated by earth-moving tremors.
Written and directed by LA-based filmmaker Matt Solomon and video artist Lucy H G;
produced by Remote Control Monkey
Lucy H. G. is currently in residency at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder in Trondheim.

Thursday, 6:45 am is part of a larger project of coordinated shorts.  To see excerpts from Wednesday, 2:45 pm, shot in Sydney, Australia, visit




babel LKV


Redaktør: Kristina C. Karlsen, daglig leder LKV i Trondheim. Tlf. (47) 73 51 35 15, mobil (47) 472 72 977, epost: