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[1.01.16 - 31.01.16] David Ashley Kerr

"His artwork centers on ideas of how we as humans simultaneously form a par of, and yet percieve ourself as standing outside of, the natural".

David Ashley Kerr from Australia

Name:  David Ashley Kerr

Nationality: Australian

Homeland: German

Town: Leipzig

How long are you resident? From January until February

Have you been in Trondheim before? No, first time in Norway

Do you wish to get in touch with somebody in Trondheim?
I have already met many relatives for the first time - my Grandfather is Norwegian, however, he has lived in Australia for over 50 years.

Is it something you look forward to…? 
I’m looking forward to having some dedicated time for writing and research, as well as getting outdoors and into nature.

About you work
My current series 'Lux' draws on the sincerity of the romantic mode to reflect on the emotional effects of modernity, specifically, the new roles of technology in forming emotional connections.
Using my analog Large-Format camera I stage portraits of young people engaging with their smartphones and media devices, mimicking the unique blue light emitted from them onto the face of the subject.

The portraits carry an inherent double voyeurism - the electronic device that captures the gaze of the subject, and that of the viewer/photographer.

Discipline: Visual Arts

Technique: Photography

My artwork centers on ideas of how we as humans simultaneously form a part of, and yet perceive ourselves as standing outside of, the natural.
My photographic and moving images reflect on body and landscape, victim and aggressor. Often utilising darkness and light, I reveal my own personal conceptions of belonging to place, and more broadly, universal concerns of mans estranged relationship with the natural world.

Plans for your residency?
I am busy digitizing my vast collection of Polaroids/Instants and combining this with my writing to make my first photobook. This is a new direction for me as the Polaroids were previously more of a preliminary part of my large format images. Often though they are a more ephemeral, or rather, circumstantial reaction to things, in what is typically a very slow and methodical art practice because of my chosen mediums. Combining these images with lyrical, revealing text and prose is a new and exciting challenge.



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Redaktør: Kristina C. Karlsen, daglig leder LKV i Trondheim. Tlf. (47) 73 51 35 15, mobil (47) 472 72 977, epost: