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[01.01.10 - 31.01.10] Ahmed Ahmed Helmy - Egypt
"My works is broadly based within the visual arts. I mostly work with installation, digital photography and video. Each work idea is composed of a variety of visual elements, combined to create a story; each idea has its own imagination, memory, thought, soul, freedom, life, death".

Ahmed Ahmed Helmy fra Egypt

Name: Ahmed Ahmed Helmy

Nationality: Egyptian  

Homeland: Egypt

Town: Giza

Age: 28

How long are you resident? From- 1/1/2010 -- until- 30/1/2010 -- ?

Have you been in Trondheim before? No

Do you wish to get in touch with somebody in Trondheim? Yes

Is it something you look forward to…? Peace

About you work

Discipline:  Life ( Project Title )
The concept behind the work:
Is the life of each and every one of us a series of conflicts, whether these contradictory conflicts with the self, or conflicts with others, all of them have given us to do for each figure to make the maximum effort to maintain the goodwill of the survival and improve the living condition of these conflicts maybe between good and evil, success and failure or between the rich and poverty ......
Conflicts within a person to give an impetus to the continuation of life, whether the conflict with the self or others. the idea of the project is a model surrounded by a human being used for the contradictory words in different languages, writing these words. presentation includes the use of psychotropic shall be made of the heart refers to the continuation of life. The objective of the project to clarify the reason that helps to sustain life is the conflict created by man himself.
Describing the action:
The viewers is a key element of the art work.
It is displayed as a series of contradictory words that represent the conflict by black color through three Projectors In opposite directions inside white dark room & the viewers will wear white dress, the projectors ll display on their bodies so that everyone ll have feeling that he is, who is fighting for survival.
That make it public participation and its interaction with the idea of work.

Technique: Video Installation

My works is broadly based within the visual arts. I mostly work with installation, digital photography and video. Each work idea is composed of a variety of visual elements, combined to create a story; each idea has its own imagination, memory, thought, soul, freedom, life, death.
The natural world has always been my wellspring of inspiration. I am fascinated by the Natural & Human life, Art is a reflection of the human mind and spirit and in any forms of expression. My art is an expression of myself and the way I see things.
I had the privilege of being raised by my family who loved to spend time outdoors & outside our city . As a child I spent summers either in traveling extensively another places. Exploring the rugged beauty of the natural life day after day, I developed a deep love and passion for the natural and the human life that call this place home. During these journeys, I experienced when I was a child, that I found oneness with the Creator who formed such magnificent landscape. This has influenced my work as an artist.
Like most artists, there are several factors that influence my work, Like my training and practice, My training has been through formal teaching or institutions. My desire that my experiences will inspire everyone to explore and appreciate the landscape and habitat around them and come to know them as the beauty of art works.
I am primarily interested in ideas, particularly ideas that have direct relevance to human life. My interest in contemporary technology proceeds from that, as I find it impossible to deal with the contemporary issues without reference to contemporary technology.
Art should rejuvenate the soul. It should uplift the heart and bring peace to the mind. This world
is a beautiful place. I have been exposed to different ways and using a variety of mediums to express my ideas. I kept
my interests open to several mediums. I firmly believe in a common humanity and in my projects I often seek to dismantle borders. I believe in the necessity to work together to make our planet a better place for all.
I feel a partial responsibility to appreciate these events of today as slices of life that help people appreciate today and add slices to their lives.
One of my goals as an artist is to capture and archive the cultural diversity found around the world & making every picture is to create a work of art to command your attention and provoke you to thought. I also aim to create stunning ideas of beauty and contrast. I do this to capture and transport the mind of the viewer out of their current mental state, so they can and will contemplate other points of view and thereby be momentarily transported into an alpha brain state through an Art therapy experience!
Visual expression has been the mode through which I have been able to examine and reconcile the paradoxical nature of my experiences: identity and sense of place are central themes in my work. Reflecting on the dichotomies inherent in these themes has driven the desire to create works that embody these experiences.
For many years I have been photographing the landscapes in egypt. I do so, notwithstanding that I am keenly aware that public spaces may well be the most photographed subject on earth. As such, it may seem like a difficult task to produce a striking and original image of the life.
Photographs are not just memories. Photos are slices of our lives which represent not just the important events in our lives, but also the too-often-considered «inconsequential» activities and stages in our lives.
My works has appeared in shows; national & international exhibitions; publications, Internet websites; private collections. When I wanted to make video art in my first time I was afraid to make it alone so I asked my friend
to make one project together so we were have the mean idea about personal memoirs, we make this video by printer & camera finally we exhibited it in first show in the Youth Salon the 18th session. Egypt. 2007 & won a prize.
My first time to exhibit outside Egypt was in Visibility Project 4 - GalataPerform - Turkey 2008. My project sought to dismantle borders, whether between humans from Egypt and Turkey or any other country, as I firmly believe in a common

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