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Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (artist workshop) in Trondheim, Norway
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  Two guest studios and 34 private ones
Around 40 artists have studios at LKV, including the guest artists. Between 10 - 15 guest artists comes each year.

LKV offers two guest studios (50m2, headroom 3,8m) with guest apartments in a neighbouring building. Each apartment has accomodation for 2 persons. The studios contain some basic tools (hammer, screwdrivers, stapler etc). Guest artists obtain access to all workshops (exept the video workshop) by paying a fee of NOK 600.

Both the studios and workshops are located in an old school building dating from the turn of the century. The five-storey building has a total floor area of 2 264m2. LKV also includes two project rooms at 90 and 55m2 and a showroom of art called BABEL. Guest artists may be asked to give a presentation of their work in the form of slide lectures for invited artists and art students. Guest artists may use their studio or one of the project rooms to exhibit their work.

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Special workshops
There are six functioning workshops with basic equipment for production of artwork. Printmaking workshop (etching, lithography, silk screen), photographic dark room, metal and welding workshop, carpentry, a computer lab (Macintosh) and digital video editing suite.

LKV’s workshops are open for all artists for a small fee. Before using a workshop you must show adequate knowledge on how to use the facility and its safety precautions. Basic training is provided only by in-advance request. To make a reservation, please contact the office: (47) 949 78 301, email:

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Private studios
LKV contains 34 artists studios, and for the moment there are 38 artists working in private studios. In the norwegian version each artist is presented with work and portrait from the studio.


Editor: Kristina C. Karlsen, LKV Trondheim, Norway. Ph. (47) 73 51 35 15, mobile (47) 472 72 977, email: