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Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (artist workshop) in Trondheim, Norway
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Conference, workshop & film screenings on the theme of freedom of speech and the arts

Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV) and the Polish artist Anna Baumgart is cooperating on a series of events that will take place at LKV in Trondheim, during March 11 - 14, 2014.

The background of this cooperation is a film Baumgart has recently produced, which has an actual episode in 1947 at the prison camp at Falstad as its main subject. Falstad is located approximately 100 kilometres north of Trondheim, and Baumgart made a film (“Fresh Cherries”) for a temporary public art project there in 2010.

The Falstad camp was a German SS prison during the war, and there were many Russian, Polish and Serbian prisoners in addition to the Norwegians. After the war, the camp was turned into a labour camp for Norwegian members of the Quisling party and other collaborators of the German war regime. In 1947, these prisoners made a New Year’s revue where one of the sketches was titled “§1000”. In this sketch, the prisoners made the claim that they too should have the right to express their political views in the post-war Norwegian democratic state. The title §1000 was a reference to the paragraph about freedom of speech in the Norwegian Constitution, §100.

In Baumgart’s film, the actual event at Falstad is put into a fictional framework of the Polish Film Chronicles (PKF) that makes a film about the event at Falstad. This newsreel film is a part of the Soviet propaganda machine telling the Polish audience about the absurdities of the western democracies (freedom of speech for the Nazis!).

The workshop will be held on March 11 and 12 and will be a mixture of discussions and theatrical improvisations with the paragraph 100 of the Norwegian Constituion as its textual source. Anna Baumgart will use film footage from the workshop as material for a new film.

LKV’s gallery Babel will have an open screening of three of Baumgart’s films: “Fresh Cherries”, “Conquerors over the Sun” and “PKF 1947” on Thursday, March 13 at 6 pm. Babel will also show the films on Friday 2-6 pm and Saturday/Sunday 12-4 pm. Admission is free.

The conference “Article 100. The arts and freedom of speech in the contemporary world” will be held at LKV, Friday March 14 from 10 am - 5 pm. The conference is open for all those interested. There is a charge of NOK 50, covering the costs of the lunch.

The participants in the conference:

Anna Baumgart, Polish artist, working mainly with film and sculptural installations
Tomasz Kitliński, Polish academic and activist, especially engaged in the rights of sexual minorities in Poland
Florian Schneider, German artist teaching at the art academy in Trondheim
Asieh Amini, Iranian poet and Human Rights activist, living in Trondheim as guest writer
Magdalena Radomska, Polish art historian, Assistant Professor at the University of Poznan
Wojtek Ziemilski, Polish artist, working mainly with performance
Per Ananiassen, Manager of “Teaterhuset Avant Garden”, an independent theatre in Trondheim
Moderator: Iwona Kurz, Polish academic, leader of the Section for Film and Visual Culture at the  University of Warzaw

The project is supported by Arts Council Norway, the foundation Fritt Ord and the municipality of  Trondheim.

For questions and comments, please contact:
Per Formo (Chairman of the board LKV): +47 91 19 27 38,
Kristina Karlsen (Manager LKV): +47 94 97 83 01,


Artists for this project:

Anna Baumgart


Editor: Kristina C. Karlsen, LKV Trondheim, Norway. Ph. (47) 73 51 35 15, mobile (47) 472 72 977, email: