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Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (artist workshop) in Trondheim, Norway
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prosjekter 2012

Per Kristian Nygård: Post Ad Hoc

Public space is made to be functional and efficient. The townscape is supposed to be transparent and help preserve social order and control.  Since the eighteenth century, urban planning has aimed at controlling small and large groups of people and direct traffic in public space. Per Kristian Nygård makes use of the surreal and performative as strategy for visualizing and questioning the logic of this mind set. In the Lademoen Park we find a temporary sculpture shaped as a queue controlling spiral. The title Post Ad Hoci alludes to the intentional rationality in control of the public – what happens after the regulation? The queue as a principle is revoked when it only leads to its own vanishing point. Thus the surreal intervention functions as resistance against the constructed rationality defining the public space.

Friday 27 September Nygård will undertake the actionist performance “Banana Republic” by Bunnpris at Lademoen. The title is suggestive of a derogative designation of states where the economy to a large extent is based on producing and exporting bananas. What happens with the market value if Nygård buys the entire stock of Bunnpris’s bananas and obtains a product monopoly? The intervention plays with capital and market efficiency – pillars of the capitalist society.

Per Kristian Nygård (b. 1979 in Norway) holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy, 2010. In his works Nygård oftens questions social and political ideologies in public and private spheres. He has exhibited at Tegneforbundet, Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art, Kurant Visningsrom in Tromsø, at Babel and recently at Rake visningsrom in Trondheim. He has participated at the National Art Exhibition in 2009 and 2012. Nyggård is one of the initiators of the web magazine ArtScene Trondheim,  where he until recently was co-editor. For more information see:


Seven invited artists for this project:

Katya Sander, Danmark
Juhana Moisander, Finland

Noora and Kimmo Schroderus, Finland

KristinaMüntzing, Sverige  
Ebba Moi, Norge/Sverige

Sissel Mutale Bergh, Norge

Per Kristian Nygård, Norge








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