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Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (artist workshop) in Trondheim, Norway
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Heather Passmore (Canada) – Salmon are sacred
Heather Passmore (b. 1977 in Canada) often uses everyday materials to address themes of social justice. At Lademoen, a yarn frieze of salmon, sea lice and salmon viruses on a huge scale illustrates how
the local and the global are interwoven in the debate on fish farming and its consequences. Viruses that exist in Norwegian salmon farms have devastated wild salmon stocks of the Pacific Ocean in BC. The salmon farms produce Atlantic salmon in factory farming conditions that create enormous quantities of lice, viruses, parasites, escaped salmon and chemical pollution. For the First Nations of British Columbia, the
contamination has had grave consequences on their health and culture –which the wild salmon are such a strong part of. The symbolism of the fish has altered fundamentally: Whereas it used to be regarded as holy and life sustaining, it has now diametrically different connotations – the infected fish is often dead before it returns to the river, and an active source of infection moving over vast areas. Passmore sets the
debate in motion by placing the Norwegian fish industry discussion in an ethical perspective that illustrates how local problems may have unexpected global consequences, and that economical profit is dominant
to environmental issues. The work emphasizes the fact that through development of new technologies like salmon farming one gets an increase in global migration also on a micro-organic level. A specially commissioned version of the First Nations Cowichan sweater (with a popularity that matches that of the Norwegian Marius jumper) will be exhibited at Babel, as well as the documentary “Farmed Salmon Exposed: The Global Reach of the Norwegian Salmon Farming Industry” by the Canadian filmmaker Damien Gillis.

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Ten invited artists for this project:

Aeneas Wilder, Skottland 
Mark Clare, Irland

Marnie Moldhauer, Tyskland

Hansam Son, Korea  
Hideki Kanno, Japan
Nayoungim, Korea/Tyskland

Humberto Duque, Mexico
Heather Passmore, Canada   
Chris Bell, Australia/USA                     
Alyssa Taylor Wendt, USA


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