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Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (artist workshop) in Trondheim, Norway
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  First-rate working Conditions
The size and the combination of individual studios, guest studios, project room, common workshops and the art show room BABEL, give visiting artists unique working conditions. When it comes to production and presentation of art, you will hardly find anything that compares to LKV elsewhere in the Nordic countries.

On the left – LKV, on the right the guest-residence

About LKV

Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV) is housed in a former school building from 1906, near the centre of Trondheim. It consists of 36 studios for professional artists as well as common workshops such as darkroom, printing workshop and computer room. In a nearby building there are two apartments for visiting artists.

The building is owned by the municipality of Trondheim and is leased to the artists on a non-profit basis. LKV as an institution is unique in Norway and there is hardly anything equivalent to it in the other Nordic countries. By means of a fairly modest investment, the owner has greatly improved the working conditions for the city’s artists. The facilities, the moderate rent and the professional fellowship also encourage art students to remain in the area after having finished their studies.

A place like LKV offers great opportunities for artistic co-operation, courses and seminars. The regrettable fact that the art and activity generated by LKV are still largely unknown and invisible to the public, remains a challenge.


Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder
Mellomvn 5, 7042 Trondheim, Norway
Ph.: (47) 949 78 301

Monday 09.00- 15.15
Tuesday 09.00- 15.15
Wednesday 09.00-15.15
Thursday 09.00-12.00

LKV (Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder) means "artists workshops at Lademoen" (Lademoen is the name of a part of Trondheim).

LKV is situated on the east side of Trondheim in the Lademoen area, approximately a 10-15 minutes walk from the centre of the city.

LKV is a huge, grey stone building, once housing the old Lademoen Primary School at Lademoen Park. All eastbound busses from the centre of the town stop close to Lademoen and on the opposite side on the street back to town. Bus no. 4 stops close to LKV, while all others stop at Buran on the other side of the park. This goes for bus no. 6, 7, 20, 24, 36 etc.

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Editor: Kristina C. Karlsen, LKV Trondheim, Norway. Ph. (47) 73 51 35 15, mobile (47) 472 72 977, email: