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Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (artist workshop) in Trondheim, Norway
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  Welcome to LKV, Trondheim
Are you a visiting artist on your way to LKV? Maybe you’re sitting on the airport bus wondering where to get off. Or you need to speak a few sentences in Norwegian. Perhaps the office at LKV is closed and there’s a phone number you need to get hold of. Here is where you can find some help.

Kristina C. Karlsen manager at LKV, will take care of you during your stay in Trondheim. Photo: Brynhild Bye

In case you need to speak Norwegian.

Useful everyday phrases
ENGLISH: Could you please
NORWEGIAN:Vær så vennlig

ENGLISH: Excuse me

ENGLISH: Good afternoon, good night, good morning
NORWEGIAN: God dag, god natt, god morgen

ENGLISH: What’s your name?
NORWEGIAN: Hva heter du?

ENGLISH: Do you speak English?
NORWEGIAN:Snakker du engelsk?


ENGLISH: Bye. See you
NORWEGIAN:Ha det. På gjensyn

ENGLISH: No thanks, yes please
NORWEGIAN:Nei takk, ja takk

ENGLISH: How are you?
NORWEGIAN:Hvordan står det til?

ENGLISH: I don’t speak Norwegian
NORWEGIAN:Jeg snakker ikke norsk

ENGLISH: I don’t understand
NORWEGIAN:Jeg forstår ikke


ENGLISH: When does the train for … leave? When will the next train be leaving?
Når går toget til..? Når går neste tog?

ENGLISH: When does the boat for … leave? When will the next boat be leaving? When will the next bus be leaving?
Når går båten til..? Når går neste båt? Når går neste buss til...?

ENGLISH: Could you please stop by the Lademoen church?
NORWEGIAN:Kan du stoppe bussen utenfor Lademoen kirke?

ENGLISH: Where can I find a taxi?
Hvor kan jeg finne en taxi?

ENGLISH: Where does … live? How do I get there?
Hvor bor ...? Hvordan kommer jeg meg dit?

Other useful phrases
ENGLISH: How much is this? I’d like to pay the bill, please. May I have a receipt, please?
NORWEGIAN:Hva er prisen for dette? Jeg vil betale. Har du kvittering?

ENGLISH: Where can I buy …? Where do I get hold of …?
Hvor får jeg kjøpt..? Hvor får jeg tak i...?

ENGLISH: Do you have foreign newspapers?
NORWEGIAN:Har du utenlandske aviser?

ENGLISH: Where is the computer room? Where is the wood workshop?
NORWEGIAN:Hvor er datarommet?
Hvor er treverkstedet?

ENGLISH: Where do I find the nearest cinema, theatre, shop etc.?
NORWEGIAN:Hvor er nærmeste kino, teater, butikk etc?

ENGLISH: I would like to have …
Jeg vil gjerne ha....


LKV is a member of the international association for residential art centers, Res Artis (for more information: Res Artis). En organisasjon av institusjoner med gjesteatelierer. Res Artis har base i Amsterdam og medlemmene består av kunstnersentre og kunstnerorganisasjoner som oppfordrer til utvikling av samtidskunst gjennom utveksling av kunstnere. The artist residency program at LKV is sponsored by Trondheim kommune and Sør-Trøndelag fylkeskommune.

Artists are invited to apply for a residency once a year (usually in August/September). The applications are considered by a committee of 3 artists. To apply go to "Guest-application".



- Babel Art Space - (LKVs showroom of art for guestartists in Trondheim)
- Atelier Ilsvika – (working-community for artists, photographers, designers, etc.)
- Gregus Kunstnerverksteder - (working-community for artists in Trondheim)

- TEKS – (Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre, resource and competence platform for electronic arts and new technology, Trondheim)

- Trondheim Matcmaking - (annual international festival in Trondheim, for electronic arts and new technology arranged by Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre, TEKS)

- Kunstakademiet i Trondheim - (Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

- NTNU (University in Trondheim)

- Generator 2007 – (The Generator project is an art project that puts focus upon the relationship between art and society/art and the public in a general sense, and public art especially by presenting a number of temporary art projects in the public space of Trondheim, Norway.)

- Trondheim kunstmuseum - (Artmuseum)
- St. Olavs festival - (Norway largest church and Cultural Festival in Trondheim)
- Trondheim Jazzfestival
Trondheim Litteraturfestival
Kosmorama - (Film festival in Trondheim)


Application deadline for a guest studio at LKV is June 1st every year.

Margrete (47) 476 55 871
Eirik (47) 926 11 021


By plane
Via Oslo to Trondheim Airport (Værnes), then 35 minutes by bus («Flybuss» in Norwegian) from the airport to Lademoen/Trondheim (Rosendal). Ask the bus driver to stop at Lademoen/ Rosendal, next to the Lademoen church. (In Norwegian: «Kan du stoppe på Lademoen?»)
Usually the bus drivers don’t know anything about LKV. After descending the bus, there is a 100 meters walk to LKV: Through the little park on the other side of the church towards a huge, grey stone building.

By train
From Oslo, Stockholm or Bodø to Trondheim Central Station. (Trondheim togstasjon.)

By car
E-6 from the south (Oslo) or the north (Narvik/Bodø), E-14 from the east (Stockholm/Sweden).

By bus from the centre of Trondheim
LKV is situated on the east side of Trondheim in the Lademoen area, approximately a 10-15 minutes walk from the city. LKV is a huge, grey stone building which once housed the old Lademoen Primary School by the Lademoen Park. All eastbound buses from the centre of town stop close to Lademoen - and on the opposite side on the street when you head for the centre of town. Bus no. 4 stops close to LKV, while all others stop at Buran on the other side of the park. This goes for bus no. 6, 7, 20, 24, 36 etc.

To find the bus schedule: Trafikanten Midt-Norge or call 177 (NB! Website only in Norwegian.)


"Gule sider" (Online map)

"Guest map" (PDF)

WHAT´S ON IN TRONDHEIM - Your guide to Trondheim



Editor: Kristina C. Karlsen, LKV Trondheim, Norway. Ph. (47) 73 51 35 15, mobile (47) 472 72 977, email: