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Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (artist workshop) in Trondheim, Norway
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  Frequently asked questions
Any questions, call Kristina at: (47) 949 78 301.

1. What is LKV and who works there?
LKV (Lademoen Artists workshop) is a working-community for artists in Trondheim. A total of 38 professional artists, 2 guest artists - and a manager.

2. Where is LKV and how do I get there?
LKV is situated on the east side of Trondheim at Lademoen area. Approx 5-10 minutes walk to Nedre Elvehavn (Nedre Elvehavn is the Trondheim answer to Aker Brygge.) LKV is a big stone building, once housing the old Lademoen primary school at Lademoen Park. All eastbound busses from the town centre stops close to Lademoen- and on the opposite side on the way back to town. Bus no. 4 stops close to LKV, while all others stops at Buran on the other side of the park. This is concerning bus no. 6,7,20,24,36 etc. See map!

3. Can I visit?
Yes, ALL are welcome for a visit. It is recommended to make a directly contact on phone with the person you seek- or just try the doorbell. All front doors are locked- but there is a doorbell for each of the 4 floors. Many think it is difficult to get inside. We apologize for that but we have to emphasize the necessity because of the value of expensive equippement and art works.

4. Is it possible to get a guided tour?
Yes, ALL are welcome for a guided tour. Time has to be settled In advance. The cost per hour is: NOK 500,-/hr. Guided tour in the house. Workshops only. Not ateliers. NOK 1000,-/hr. Guided tour by artist including a demonstration at some workshop or atelier. Tlf: (47) 949 78 301 or e-mail:

5. What kind of art are made there, and what techniques and styles are used?
All kinds and types of art are made. Drawing, painting, photo, sculpture, film, Installations, graphic/printmaking (silk-print, deep-print, high-print and lithography) It is possible to make huge sculptures at the open-air workshop.

6. When does the exhibition take place?
“Babel” is the showroom of art at LKV (Gallery). Babel is situated about 100 meters from LKV. Adress: Mellomveien 4. Exhibition-programme at

7. Is it possible to rent an artist?
Yes it is possible. Take direct contact with the artist you want to rent. You can find contact information on the website under “artists”- and then on the preferred artist.

8. Is it possible to apply for a exhibition-area at Babel?
Babel is mainly the exhibition gallery for the guest-artists at LKV. Until now it is not possible for others to apply for such area. Last year – 15 guest-artists have showed their works at Babel. If you are a LKV guest-artist – you can have this opportunity for a exhibition if you wish. All artists (not Trondheim- residents) can apply for a guest-artist residency at LKV. In addition Babel exhibits which is a part of Trondheim Jazz festival and other special events.

1. Who can apply for a guest-artist residency?
All visual artists with a art-degree of minimum of 4 years education- and who is not living in Trondheim.

2. When do you have to apply for a guest-artist residency?
Closing-date for applications are June 1st every year. The electoral-committee of LKV decides who will get the residency.

3. Who are the members of the electoral-committee?

The electoral-committee consists of 1 artist from the Art Academy in Trondheim (NTNU), 1 from TBK (Trøndelag Association for Visual Art) and 1 from the house-committee. At present time it consist of Anita Wollamo(TBK), Hermann Isaksen (NTNU), Kari Elise Mobeck(LKV House Committee)

4. Do the guest-artists get a scholarship?
LKV are not giving any scholarships. Guest-artists get free apartment –and an atelier of 50 square meters for a certain period.

5. How are the guest-apartments and ateliers?
Pictures and other relevant information could be found on the web. Go to “studios” and “guest-apartment”.

6. What is inside the apartments?
Guest- apartments at second floor are single rooms and first floor is 2 rooms. Both apartments got equipped kitchen with refrigerator, stove, sleeping-couch, blankets, towels, TV, DVD and telephone.

1. What is the application supposed to include?
A complete filled out application form are to be sent either online or paper by regular postal service. A CV are supposed to be sent by paper together with 10 works on video or CD/DVD disc to: Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Melloveien 5, 7042 Trondheim, Norway within August 10th.

2. How is the CV supposed to be?
Maximum 1 page including an overview of education, a selection of separate exhibitions, a selection of group exhibitions, public decoration assignments, representation in collections and a brief description of your artistic work.

3. Should I mention why the stay is important to me and which further plans I got?
It is not necessary at this stage. Once you arrive at LKV as a guest-artist you will be asked to write a text, which should describe why – and what plans you have. The text will be displayed on the English version of the LKV web site.

4. Should I write an artistic statement-, which give you the knowledge of how and what I am working with?
It is not necessary at this stage. Once you arrive at LKV as a guest-artist you will be asked to write a statement. The statement will be displayed on the English version of the LKV web site.

5. Should I list any references?
No, It is not necessary
6. Which months are the most popular and demanded at LKV?
December is the les popular month. The Norwegian national day is in the month of May - where Norwegians celebrate May 17th. July and August are relatively quiet. For those with ambition of working in peace and quiet- these moths are highly recommendable.


Editor: Kristina C. Karlsen, LKV Trondheim, Norway. Ph. (47) 73 51 35 15, mobile (47) 472 72 977, email: